No Room for Selfishness

READ: Isaiah 49


Motherhood unveils the best that resides in each of our hearts—that of our selfless, compassionate nature. As a young new wife working among an indigent community, I experienced serving snacks for mothers and children visiting in our house. One time I saw a five-year-old boy who got his mother’s portion and the extra ones on the plate. Instead of scolding him or refusing to give in, the mother willingly gave her share plus the extra pieces of cake.

Hmmm… maybe she needed some tips on discipline. What caught my attention, though, at that moment was the simple sacrifice of the mother for her child.

Now that I myself am a mother, I can understand better that poor mom’s sacrifice. Although I try to restrain my child’s appetite by teaching her to be satisfied with her share, there are times that I still give her that last bite of chocolates or chicken nuggets, or last scoop of ice cream, or whatever it is that’s really her favorite. Yes, even if it’s also mom’s favorite.

While we hear of hurting mothers who neglect their children, leaving them to the care of someone else, or much worse, mothers physically abusing their sons or daughters—I believe there are more heroic moms out there who will give up almost everything for their kids. I know of a friend who has given up her career for her to take care of her children. One mom featured in the Reader’s Digest had opted to lose one breast through mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy, in order for her to save the life of the baby in her womb. The list can go on and on….

What about you? What are you willing to give up for your children?

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?” — Isaiah 49:15a