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  1. Thanks for your comment:) When I am in doubt I read Romans 8:32. He knows the desires of your heart and He already gave His best, the best heaven has to offer for you. So what is your dreams and hopes compare to His Son? The LORD has no reason not to give them to you.:) Rest in His Love for you; Rest in His promises that He already tying loose ends for you and your dream.

    The disciple whom Jesus loves,

  2. great meeting a brother in Christ like you here in the blogosphere! keep on shining your light where you are… blessings to your family, work and relationship!

  3. hi nymfa. yes, it is always a blessing to cross paths with a brother/sister in Christ. the pleasure is doubly mine because we share the same wordpress theme.

    imagine if paul and peter had internet 2000 years ago… i’d be a subscriber to their blogs.

    however, lest we forget, it is not the medium that is powerful, rather, it is THE WORD that is “the power of God for the salvation of those who believe.” it is sad that in some places, the medium is given more importance than the message, the tool is beholden instead of the TRUTH. i always believe that the pulpit can do without the powerpoint presentation as long as the Word is rightly divided and proclaimed.

    it is also good to know that you didn’t make YWAM a ‘crutch’. rather, you chose to obey God’s leading when you reached the crossroads. (oh, have you by any chance met JC OBEROI? he’s an indian (pero hindi five-six) and he’s with YWAM.)

    keep blogging. i’ll look you up often, kapatid.

    God bless.

    joey reyes
    innotech imaging solutions

    • Hi Joey! Yes, I know JC. But I guess he went out of YWAM ahead of us.

      I agree that the Word is more important than all these gadgets and technology. I was telling my husband that a pastor friend of ours was preaching with anointing without LCD. But now with the Powerpoint presentation, the message has become ‘mechanical.’ I’m glad that even as an artist you consider the medium merely secondary.

      Kind of busy with freelance work, but I’m looking into publishing my book with Amazon kindle. As blogging goes with publishing, I should really spend some time updating my blog. Thanks for the encouragement to keep blogging.

      God bless!


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