Where Do We Stand?

READ: Ephesians 4:20-32

Politics has invaded our Christian life. Some so called brothers and sisters in Christ do not get along well with one another because of personality differences. Brother A does not talk to Sister A due to a conflict that has not been resolved. Sister A leaves the church or the organization still with bitterness in her heart. She talks to Brother B and Sisters B and C about the problem with Brother A and his allies. Another coalition has emerged.

The cycle goes on and on. . . . Who is in charge? We have yet to meet the heroes, Brother C and Sister D, who actually know it all. They will tell you what has gone wrong. They can even pinpoint who has this and that failure and character flaw. They will pray and hear God for you. They can plan and run your life if you want them to.

Can we identify who we are in the midst of this cycle? As for me, at one point or two in my life, to a certain extent, maybe I became Sister A, B, C and D.

Sometimes it’s tempting not to speak to others and just be good in front of them and in the next moment, speak behind their back. It’s too easy to set aside a hurt or a conflict and pretend that everything is all right, much more to decide for those who are under us even if we are not supposed to lord it over them. After all, politics is all about falsehood and control.

Again it’s sad, but the dysfunctional cycle is unbroken and real. . . . A new cycle only begins to break in when we vote for grace and truth. That is, when we let Jesus become the center of our every relationship. He came to get rid of politics. Didn’t He?

“What this adds up to, then, is this: no more lies, no more pretense.
Tell your neighbor the truth. In Christ’s body we’re all connected
to each other, after all…”

–Ephesian 4:25 (MSG)


5 thoughts on “Where Do We Stand?

  1. yah,that’s right!
    We only had to listen on the Voice of Truth..
    That dysfunctional cycle, can’t do good things for us but it keeps us dig into hurts and bitterness. But we’re going to listen in God’s Truth only, those hurts wil be broken even the lies. Only Love can conquers all!!I like this devotion!! we only stand to the Truth!!

  2. Thanks so much for this article!
    I just experienced the same thing last week: people talking bad about me behind my back, and when I confronted them, everything was just a lie!
    We have to learn to forgive and forget and bless our enemies; God is still in control!

  3. Certainly we should be more like Jesus. How would have handled a personal affront? Most likely he would have been silent. After all, he did say to make room for vengeance. However, he also said that if we had offended a brother, we should go and be reconciled first before continuing our service to him or offering our gift. We are called to be bearers of good news… ONLY! Let’s let our words be full of grace and seasoned with salt at all times. Kudos and shalom!

  4. Thanks Sugar, Moniks and Ps Jo! It’s not easy to be in the midst of politics or the dysfunctional cycle, but by God’s grace, we can choose to make a difference.

  5. I definitely relate to this – I was in the middle of one of these unfortunate situations a few weeks ago. Person A and B were discussing problems they had with me to Person C, who told me of them – and I kept saying, NO good will come out of talking behind people’s backs! It only perpetuates misunderstanding, negative energy, and assumptions over reality. It’s sad when people would rather be in control and subsequently perpetuate negativity than choose to seek out truth, even if it means they may be wrong 😦

    Great post!

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