He Knows Your Name

READ: Isaiah 43:1-10

Have you ever wondered why you are called by your name? Or maybe you were like me who would rather be called with another nickname or pet name. I never really liked my given name until my wedding preparation.

I still couldn’t believe it that I would be getting married— and that I would soon be a bride and a wife. So I said to the Lord, “Please encourage me and give me more confirmations…”

One time while working in the office, I just found myself browsing a Vine’s Dictionary. I was wondering if I could find my name there. I had actually been a little disturbed with the definition of my name. Greek Mythology defines Nympha as a seductive goddess of beauty. Hoping to find a better definition in the Vine’s, I turned the pages and read. To my surprise, Nympha, in its original Hebrew meaning, means “bride” or “young wife.”

Whew! Not only was I so glad with the redeemed meaning of my name. I also thanked God for confirming that it was His will for me to get married and be a bride and a young wife.

But now, thus says the LORD, who created you,

O Jacob, and He who formed you,

O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by your name; you are Mine.”

— Isaiah 43:1 (NKJ)


One thought on “He Knows Your Name

  1. wow, that was nice name..
    even me before, I’m thinking if why does God gave me that name of Danna Maye, my father told me that, it came from an soap opera actress.but I’m still curious that, why God gave me that name which is don’t really know the meaning. One day, i ask my friend if what is the meaning of her name and she defined it,she ask me if I know the meaning of my name she said that she knows it. Then, I became glad that I finally knew what is the meaning of my name…
    Danna means “showering of gold”
    Maye means “white rose or white crimson”
    Wow, God was so amazing!!

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