His Ways are Higher

READ: Jeremiah 29:13-14

I fell in love with the Oriental culture and its people. No wonder a Korean friend and I smoothly embarked into a special relationship that was hoped to end up in marriage. After less than 8 months, however, he broke up with me due to a third party that was no one but God. It was like the end of the world to me and I felt like dying and quitting ministry. My hope livened up, though, for our reconciliation. I kept on praying, “Lord bring him back…. I don’t want a Filipino…. I only want him … not a Filipino Lord….”

I just didn’t know that God’s answer to my prayer would come sooner than expected. That was in a Sunday service when the pastor read a passage in Acts 3. Verse 22 specifically caught my attention: “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own people; you must listen to everything he tells you” (emphasis mine).

With such an impression that was contradictory to my heart’s desire, I managed to say to myself that it couldn’t be from the Lord. But I had yet to be dumbfounded.

Two of our frontier staff came back from the field to spend a few weeks in the YWAM Zamboanga Center. Joel, who was one of the two, was telling me of a number of his dreams that had come to pass. So I asked, “Why is it that most of your dreams are coming true?” His answer: “Because my name is Joel— prophet Joel.”

Incidentally Joel is a Filipino, so again I tried to rebuke silently, “In Jesus’ name! It couldn’t be Joel!” I realized, though, I had to repent for using the name of Jesus in vain. It turned out my “spiritual warfare strategy” just didn’t work— Joel is now my husband and we’ve been married for 10 years now.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, 

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.

– Isaiah 55:9 (NIV)


9 thoughts on “His Ways are Higher

  1. i still remember a LAUM message way back when, that caught my attention about finding God’s will. how it works and the order of things – first, MASTER, then MISSION and finally MATE.

  2. God Knows what the best for us. As I remember, I’ve been through allot of relationship starting when I was in High school. But God knows what’s the best for you. you know that all this relationship I have lead me to my broken heart. I know that God will give the right person that is best for us…..I know you got the best ……. GOG BLESS YOU….

  3. Thank you for your testimony! Gods ways are so much higher than our ways! He really knows who is the best for us! I also experienced this:
    I got married again, 7 years after my divorce. Honestly I had fears, but God blessed our marriage since 10 wonderful years, giving us 5 wonderful kids!!!By the way: my ex-husband got also married again, and also with a Filipina!!!
    Funny eh?

  4. am deeply inspired by that story and i now understand that our God can give us a visitation when we least expect.am 41 now and am trusting God for a lifetime partner.the same way it happened in the above story the same way it will happen to me in Jesus’ name.

    • yes, there’s nothing impossible with God! Thanks for your comment! I haven’t updated my blog for quite sometime as my computer crashed. I was without laptop for about two years. Thank God that I got a new one, which should mean having a more visible blog.

      God bless you richly!!!

  5. Wow!. I’m amazed by your testimony. Recently I just had my break-up with my recent ex-bf which also a Christian. I thought he will be the one but with some unexpected things it didn’t work-out and now we’re part ways. I know that the same God who writes your love story is the same God who will do that to me. Claiming that next guy that God will introduce to me is the guy whom I will marry. Now while I’m single I’m praying that I will grow into a mature woman of God and I’m just thankful that he did allow the break-up, Because I want to fulfill the desire that God had gave me to have mission. I’m excited on how God will work for me soon. We thank you Jesus, for you are a God who will give us always the best in meeting our desires and needs. To God will always be the glory..= )

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